Preventing Or Reducing The Risk Of Brain Stroke

We have seen that the primary two risk factors for strokes are age and family history. Unfortunately, we can neither turn back the clock to become younger nor can we change our genetics. Consult neurologist to get second opinion. Read more

what ids the life expectancy after brain stroke

What Is The Life Expectancy After A Brain Stroke?

Although the treatment options from the neurologist, including rehabilitation, for stroke survivors have become much more advanced and easily accessible, stroke continues to be among top three leading causes of death, globally. Read more

region of decreased blood flow in brain stroke

Region Of Decreased Blood Flow In Brain Stroke

Mostly common among those over 65 years, a Stroke is a sudden loss of consciousness caused by an interrupted blood supply to one or more regions of the brain. Consult neurologist to get second opinion. Read more

breast cancer in younger age group ( 30's and 40's)

Breast Cancer in Younger Age Group ( 30’s and 40’s)

It’s a misconception that breast cancer occurs exclusively in elderly women – in fact as many as 7% of the cases are diagnosed in women under 40. Read more