Cadaver Kidney Transplantation


In a move to bring in greater transparency and tackle the illegal organ trade while prioritizing those in urgent need of kidney transplant, MyCure Hospitals has come out with draft guidelines that aim to determine criteria for receiving a kidney from a cadaver donor.

Master. Naveen 14 years old boy, who was declared brain dead following a road accident, has given a new lease of life to five other people. By overcoming their personal tragedy, his family members have decided to donate his organs to help for five other patients.

Master. Naveen was leading a happy life till he met with a road accident. He was rushed to MyCure Hospitals, Visakhapatnam city. On Feb 12, Dr. T. Suresh – Chief Consultant Neuro Surgeon declared him brain dead. His family members have decided to donate his eyes, Liver and kidneys thus saving five more patients and eventually MyCure Hospitals team has completed its first cadaver procedure. One kidney was transplanted to a patient with end stage kidney disease by Dr. P. Sri Ram Naveen, Consultant Nephrologist and his team. The other organs were sent to other hospitals as per ‘Jeevandan’ programme protocol.

Reference link: The Hindu E-Paper on 12th Feb, 2017

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