Breast Cancer in Younger Age Group ( 30’s and 40’s)

It’s a misconception that breast cancer occurs exclusively in elderly women – in fact as many as 7% of the cases are diagnosed in women under 40. Read more


fibroadenoma of the breast

Fibroadenomas are solid, noncancerous breast lumps that occur most often in women between the ages of 15 and 35.

A fibroadenoma might feel firm, smooth, rubbery or hard and has a well-defined shape. Usually, it will be painless but it feels like a marble in the breast, that moves easily under the skin when examined. Fibroadenomas vary in size, and can enlarge or shrink on their own.

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Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms | Menstrual Problems

Menstrual cycles bring about a variety of uncomfortable symptoms leading up to your period. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) encompasses the most common issues, such as mild cramping and fatigue, but the symptoms usually go away when your period begins. Read more


Difference between Normal Delivery and Cesarean

Normal Delivery

A Normal Delivery is the most natural birthing process. It is a preferred choice of most expectant moms. Once you give birth the vaginal way, your hospital stay is much shorter. The recovery time after a Normal Delivery is lesser than that after a cesarean delivery. It is also not very surgically invasive. The chances of developing the complications at the time of childbirth are lesser. Mothers who opt for a vaginal birth have a lower mortality risk. Consult Gynaecologist to get second opinion. Read more


Fibroids: Female Reproductive System Problems

Fibroids!!! The common gynecological problem seen in most of the woman now a days. Woman gets alarmed by hearing the word “fibroid” when they consult a Gynecologist about their menstrual problems or fertility issues. Most of the woman doesn’t have right knowledge about what fibroids exactly are…!! Read more


Baby’s Growth During First Month of Pregnancy

Congratulations – you’ve just discovered that now you’re pregnant. Chances are that you’ll have found out within the first month of pregnancy, which is a critical point in your baby’s development period and will lay key foundations for the rest of her or his life.  Read more