New Born Twins at MyCure Hospitals

Miraculous Surviving New Born Twins at MYCURE HOSPITALS

With low birth weight of 440 and 600 grams, the medical team set a benchmark in Neonatology

Advancement in Neonatology

Here’s a Miraculous Surviving of New Born Twins of very low Birth Weight which made possible and a new milestone at MyCure Hospitals, Vizag.

Mrs. Madhuri had her twin babies conceived through IVF. They were born by Caesarean section with birth weights of merely 440 grams and 600 grams respectively. She had rupture of membranes due to which the pregnancy could not be continued. The new parents were guided to consult Dr. Sai Sunil Kishore, Neonatologist of MyCure Hospital for neonatology support. The chances of survival for such babies are minimal at best even by western standards. This was made possible only with round the clock care and state of the art infrastructure. Dr. K. Chandra Reddy

The mother was treated by IVF Consultant & Gynaecologist Dr. K. Chandra Reddy of London IVF Centre, Vizag for her fertility issues. Since it was an IVF conception and a very precious pregnancy, it was the IVF Specialists expertise which had made the pregnancy possible despite all the possible obstacles which otherwise would stand a near impossible for such a case. His efforts to give support with minute level of monitoring & guidance from start to end with a high level of involvement was really so remarkable.. as stated by Mrs. Madhuri. 

The low birth weight babies were in an extremely critical state, “One of them had lungs and vital organs which were functionally immature; the baby’s development was stunted, he was prone to severe infections and had an extremely low immunity”- Dr. Sai Sunil Kishore added. The baby required 30 days of invasive & non-invasive ventilation, intravenous nutrition for 3 weeks and extremely gentle and aseptic care to ensure proper development.

The baby was discharged in a healthy condition with a weight of 1.6 kilograms, taking feeds well, with normal vision and normal brain function. This baby survived despite all odds. The other twin also got discharged at an earlier date in an absolutely healthy condition. Considering the sensitivity with which the treatment had to be given, both babies are now being considered as a true miracle for the family. Mrs. Madhuri said it was the Doctors’ continuous reassurance and positivity that held their hopes high through a couple of extremely tough months. 

Dr. Sai Sunil Kishore, says- “With God’s grace and excellent clinical care we could save both the babies. This is the lowest birth weight baby surviving till now in Andhra, thereby creating a milestone. With the advances in technology and medical care, extremely premature babies can now be saved, with normal outcomes.”

The family understands that the children need regular medical follow up for the next 2 years. They are more than ready to face all the parenting challenges now that they have so much to look forward to at the end of the day.

With major advancements in neonatology, children born preterm have higher chances of survival and normal developmental markers as well.

For getting awareness regarding the preterm birth and the concerns of premature babies and further counseling for parents get an appointment with MyCure Hospitals, Vizag.

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