physical symptoms of stress you shouldn't ignore

Physical Symptoms of Stress You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Sometimes, when the stress comes, we are so busy being stressed that we don’t even notice that we are afflicted, even though there are enough and more warning signs. And other times, we just tend to ignore these tell-tale S.O.S. signals that our body sends us – from forgetfulness to nausea to skin rashes. Stress is not to be taken lightly! Below are some telltale symptoms of stress that we ignore, but shouldn’t

Excessive Sweating

In a country with extreme weather, such as India, it is easy to incorrectly de-couple sweating and stress, but it is one of the symptoms of prolonged stress.

Teeth Grinding

Also known as bruxism, this is a condition in which one excessively grinds his/her teeth to handle stress. Problem with this symptom is that most of the time, nobody but the sufferer is aware of presence of this symptom, and he is too busy being stressed

Tightening of the Chest

Even though this is the quintessential symptom of stress (and indeed other cardiac issues ), a lot of people ignore it thinking it to be a result indigestion and other stomach troubles

Hair Loss

Among the urban population, the problem of hair loss is often attributed to pollution and lack of proper hair-care, and the rural population is often not concerned enough about healthy hair

Change in Sleeping Habit

This happens slowly – you start waking up earlier than usual, than going to bed later than usual, and before you know it, you wake-up in the middle of the night and just start working on the very thing that’s giving you stress

Reduced Sex Drive

Due to the drop in testosterone levels in the body, one suffering from heightened stress levels would often feel a lack of desire for intimacy, but it is often attributed to fatigue than stress

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Muscle Pain

Muscular pain and stress often go hand in hand – especially the pain in the neck and lower back. Due to the constant rush of adrenalin in the body stemming from prolonged stress, these muscle pains are often attributed to fatigue and lack of sleep

Acne or Pimples

Stress can cause irritation and inflammation in the skin, leading to acne and pimples, which may cause further stress in some individual. But almost never does one realize that stress is the cause and not the effect here

Bad Dreams or Difficulty Sleeping

Unpleasant dreams are typically a sign of emotional turmoil, which is symptomatic of a stressed mind. Unfortunately, we tend to forget most of our dreams shortly after waking up, hence this symptom is often ignored.

Bad Temper and Lack of Patience

A stressed individual will often find it hard to be patient with others, so much so that snapping or becoming extremely angry at even minutes of the issues will become a daily occurrence. Often, we will find ways to justify our action, or even apologies our way out of it, but it begs a deeper-dive into the behavior.

Sudden Weight Gain/Loss

Another quintessential symptom of stress, this either gets blamed on a lack of exercise (weight gain) or a loss of appetite (weight loss). Either way, a drastic change in weight is not good for our overall wellbeing

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A person suffering from stress might, without even realizing it, have one or more of these symptoms. Ignoring these symptoms will not only prolong the stress, it will also invite a host of hazardous effects involved with these symptoms.

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