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Preconception Counselling Package


Who should buy this?

→ Applicable for above 18 years old people
→ Package consists of 12  Investigations and 1 Doctors Consultation
→ These investigations can help to review health condition

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  1. Complete blood counts with ESR
  2. Fasting Blood Sugar TEST (FBS)
  3. Blood Grouping and Rh Factor
  4. Thyroid — Stimulating Hormone Test
  5. Rubella IGG Test
  6. Pap smear
  7. Ultrasound Scan (Pelvis)
  8. HIV
  9. HBsAg
  10. HCV
  11. VDRL
  12. Creatinine


  1. Gynecologist consultation

Package Description:

Preconception Counseling & Investigations enables you to learn about health issues and help to get treated before you conceive. At MyCure, our experts guide you to make a healthy choice for you and your future baby with a preconception health check.

Our Aim is to:

  • Improve your chance of conceiving,
  • Help reduce the risk of birth defects,
  • Get you as ready as possible for a healthy pregnancy and baby.