Risk of Drinking Excessive Alcohol

Drinking excessive alcohol means over consumption. Alcohol consumption is measured in units. (1 Unit of alcohol = 10ml of pure alcohol).

A Small glass of 125ml of wine contains about 1.5 units of alcohol.

Risks of over consumption

Short term risks include:

  • Accident and Injuries requires hospital treatment. (Eg. Head Injury)
  • Unprotected sex that could lead to sexually transmitted infections or unplanned pregnancy.
  • Alcohol poisoning may lead to vomiting, seizures (fits) and falling unconscious.
  • Other risks like violent behavior and loss of wallets, mobile phones , Jewellery and keys.

Long term risk includes:

How to reduce your over risk?

  • Don’t drink regularly and not more than 14 units of alcohol a week
  • If you drink as much as 14 units a week, it’s best to spread this evenly over three or more days
  • If you are trying to reduce the amount of alcohol intake, it’s a good idea.

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